antique rugs

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Long after the shepherds, shearers and spinners, the master dyers, loom builders and weavers, the carpet washers, dealers and traders who all contributed to the manufacture and movement of a hand-made carpet have passed from this world, the product of their labour and love still continues to bring joy to following generations. Generally aged over 90 years old, quality Antique hand-knotted carpets are much desired by collectors and decorators due to their beauty, individuality and longevity.  The romantic image of a skilled weaver spending years carefully tying precise knots with locally grown, spun and naturally-dyed wool on a wooden loom to create intricate patterns and motifs of their own design is simply not replicated when you think of  spinning mills, synthetic dyes, machine looms and acrylic fibres! You can with confidence look at an Antique rug as a complete work of human artistic endeavour. Just like fine paintings which can be appreciated anew every time they are viewed, Antique carpets will allow you to see more beauty and meaning every day. And your children. And their children …….

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