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Antique does not mean antiquated, especially where hand-made village, tribal and nomadic kilims are concerned. Flat weave textiles predate knotted pile carpets as one of the oldest forms of hand-weaving in the world and were constructed specifically for every-day use as floors and walls of tents, animal covers, bedding and storage. Consequently. these textiles were originally made to withstand harsh elements, hostile environments, intense use and constant transportation, combining carefully selected and specially spun wool and strong, steadfast natural dyes to produce a functional article made to last. It is, therefore, hardly a surprise to find a wide variety of kilims over 100 years old still in as good condition as the day they were made. Time may have softened the fibres and mellowed the dyes, but this only enhances the Kilim’s original beauty. We never cease to marvel at the time and effort the nomadic spinners, dyers and weavers put into the design and construction of what, today, would be considered a purely utilitarian article, not a work of art with a practical purpose. We love discovering these treasures on our travels and are proud of every piece we offer here. Treated with respect and love, these kilims will certainly be serving their purpose long after we are gone. There’s nothing antiquated about a great antique kilim!

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