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Inspired by the past, comfortable in the present and reinventing the future. Why is it that so much of the Cultural and Artistic design of the 16th Century Ottoman Period is still not only appreciated and admired, but also reproduced and utilized in 21st Century home decoration? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that exquisite artistry and natural beauty transcends the boundaries of place and time. Just as the Cultural and Artistic developments of the Ottoman Period greatly benefitted from the influences of trade and population movement from West to East along the Silk Road, so, today, the wider world is increasingly looking to Turkish Art and Craft to complement and enhance, if not influence and redefine, contemporary architectural, design and decorating trends.

In this section we are proud to offer some of the best interior design and lifestyle goods produced in Turkey today. Contemporary manufacturing, workplaces, techniques and practices have resulted in not only the rejuvenation of the Turkish ceramic, textile and other handicraft industries, but also the affordable availability of tiles and ceramics, textiles and jewellery, clothing and accessories.

We hope you enjoy perusing our merchandise, which we source from only the best producers and which we aim to offer at the most competitive prices.

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W:1' 4'' (40cm) L:1' 4'' (40cm)

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